Why is My New Trampoline Not Bouncy? 4 Factors Discussed!

Why is My New Trampoline Not Bouncy? This is a common question asked by trampoline owners. One of the most frustrating things about trampolines is when your newly bought trampoline is not bouncy. Today we are going to tell you the reasons why your trampoline is not bouncy enough and how you can fix the bounce of your trampoline so you can start jumping again in no time. Let’s dive into the details:

4 Factors that Affect the Bounce

There are four main factors that play a role in the bounce of a trampoline. The factors are:

  • Size
  • Condition
  • Elasticity
  • Springs


This is an important factor that is sometimes neglected by most people. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Trampolines come in a lot of different sizes and not all sizes are suitable for all.
  • If you have small children then you are better to buy a trampoline that is small.
  • Kids will get more bounce when they are jumping on a trampoline of a smaller size.

size of trampoline not bouncy

However, if have a large-sized one then it will not produce a bounce as the children have the weight required to make it bounce. Therefore, when buying such a product, make sure to consider its size.


Make sure to check out the condition of your trampoline.

  • If there is some problem in the construction of the trampoline then it can be a reason for less bounce. When everything is in order, then there is no reason for less bounce.
  • One of the most common issues is when the springs develop rust on them. Rusting springs tend to produce a lot less bounce.

Therefore, you should check if the condition of the trampoline is good and are the springs new or rusted.


Probably the most important factor in a trampoline is its elasticity.

  • The reason for buying this product is that you want to enjoy the bounce that is produced by elasticity.
  • A new trampoline will have really good elasticity most of the time if there is nothing wrong with the springs or mat. As time passes, it can lose its elasticity.
  • This is because the springs lose their elasticity over time and thus less bounce is produced.
  • You should always make sure to check the springs and whether they are in good condition or not.


We have already established that the springs provide the elasticity in the trampoline to produce the bounce effect.

why is my trampoline not bouncy

However, if the elasticity of springs is good and you still are getting less bounce then there is only one reason for it. That is due to some broken springs. If you find a broken spring then you should immediately replace it.

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Buying a trampoline for the first time is a very exciting first for parents as they want their kids to have fun and enjoy their time. A faulty trampoline can completely ruin the moment.

Therefore, whenever you are buying one, make sure to check the condition of the mat, and springs and pick the right-sized one. Regular maintenance is also necessary to keep the trampoline bouncy for a long time.