Do Trampolines Kill Grass? The Truth Revealed!

The people who care more about the green and want their backyards well maintained have a lot of questions when buying a trampoline for the first time. The most obvious one is do trampolines kill grass. The simple answer is no, a trampoline doesn’t kill the grass beneath it. Trampolines are designed in a way so that the sunlight passes through them but the same can’t be said for water.

If you have a trampoline that has been lying around in a place for quite some time, it can affect the grass beneath it due to a lack of water. So, today, we will tell you about the things you can do to keep your backyard in pristine condition while having a trampoline. Let’s get started!

How to Stop Killing Grass?

do trampolines kill grass

In order to keep your backyard maintained at all times, the following five things can be done:

1. Using a Sprinkler

Another way of keeping the grass maintained is by placing the trampoline above a sprinkler. Even if there is less sunlight reaching the surface below, the water from the sprinkler will keep it nourished.

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2. Grass Mat

If you don’t care much about the mismatching, try using a grass mat below the trampoline. Even though it will be mismatched with the rest of the backyard it will look much better. This is best for people who constantly worry about their lawns. Another advantage to this approach is that you won’t have to mow beneath the trampoline.

3. Placing in a Different Position

The most obvious thing you can do is change the trampoline’s place. If there is any empty space with no grass then you should place the trampoline over there. If you are a person who wants a nice backyard at all times then this is probably the best thing for you. This also will be beneficial in the long run as everything will remain organized.

4. Moving it Around

If there isn’t any gravel in your backyard, then the best option for you is just to move the trampoline around. You can do this once a week. As you will need to mow the grass so by changing the position, the mowing will also become easier. You can keep moving it every week and the area underneath will be just fine.

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If the worry of grass going dead is keeping you from buying a trampoline, then it should go away immediately. The final say is that the trampoline doesn’t kill grass underneath it. Now, you know all about how you can enjoy bouncing on the trampoline while keeping our backyard in the best possible condition. Just make sure to follow the above-mentioned tips and you will be good to go.

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