How to Keep a Trampoline from Blowing Away in 5 Steps

Trampolines with large surface areas tend to blow away in the fast wind. That is why if you own one, you should take care of it in the rough weather. If there is a high-speed wind blowing, it can end up on your neighbour’s lawn or in a tree. This can also happen if you are using a cheap product. Therefore, it is a must that you know how to keep a trampoline from blowing away. Let’s dive into the details.

Keeping Your Trampoline from Blowing Away

Use Sandbags

The most obvious thing that you can do is to use sandbags on the legs of the trampoline. As sandbags have a lot of weight, this will strengthen the base.

sandbags trampoline

So, even if there are harsh winds blowing, it won’t go anywhere and will remain in its position. This is an easier solution to this problem.

Tie Some Weights

If you don’t have any sandbags lying around then we have another thing for you. You can simply tie some weights to the ends of the trampoline and you’re good to go. A string can be used for tying the weights. This will keep it anchored in a single place. This is a simple solution and can be done in just a few minutes.

Use Straps

If by chance, you have some straps lying around in the house, then you can also use those. They are an easy fix to your trampoline blowing away. This solution is pretty straightforward and doesn’t even require a special tool.

The only thing that you need to be sure of is the strength of the straps. They should be strong enough to hold it in one place. Also, make sure that the straps are anchored really well. This will help you in avoiding any mishaps.

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Use Stakes

Another pretty useful thing that you can do to keep your trampoline in one place is to use stakes. For this method, you will require a few stakes and some rope. Put the stakes firmly into the ground and then using the rope, you can tightly anchor it to the stakes.

using stakes for trampolines

Choosing a weather resistive stake is going to be the best option in this case. So, we recommend going for a plastic stake.

Safety Net

You can also keep your trampoline from flying away with the help of a safety net. This solution is simple but it will take some time to put a safety net around the whole thing. Once, the net is installed, you won’t need to worry as in strong winds, it will remain inside that safety net.


It can be a bit hard to keep the trampoline from blowing away when the weather is bad. But it can a lot easier for you if you follow all of the tips we’ve mentioned above. It is important that you have some sort of anchoring method in place in stormy weather. This will help you in avoiding any accidents that can occur with the trampoline blowing away.

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