6 Benefits of Trampoline Therapy for Autism

trampoline therapy for autism

Trampoline therapy has been shown to provide sensory input and improve coordination, balance, and motor skills. It can also help children with autism build self-esteem and confidence as they gain strength and agility on their terms. Read on to learn bout the benefits of trampoline therapy for autistic children and how to effectively implement this … Read more

Are In-Ground Trampolines Safer? The Truth!

are inground trampolines safer

Are In-ground trampolines safer options for children when it comes to backyard play? It’s a question that parents keep asking, and the simple answer to this question is YES. Though many different types of trampoline designs offer their own benefits, inground trampolines present some unique advantages. From increased stability to improved safety features, there are … Read more

How To Winterize A Trampoline in 3 Effective Ways

how to winterize a trampoline in 3 effective ways

Everyone may enjoy jumping on the trampoline together when the weather is nice. But what about when it gets cold, and everyone stays inside? Then, it may be left unprotected in the backyard, where it will be subjected to elements, including wind, rain, and snowfall. It might be harmed or destroyed by the weather. Let’s … Read more

How To Take Down A Trampoline In 7 Easy Steps

how to take down a trampoline

Inevitably, trampolines need disassembly by the owner or by hiring a professional service. In order to prolong the life of your trampoline, you may store it away during the winter. You may need to disassemble your furniture since you’re relocating and can’t bring it all together. Taking it down for whatever reason is OK; what … Read more

A Complete Guide on How to Level a Trampoline

how to level a trampoline

Some estimates have the percentage of trampoline-related accidents caused by falls off the trampoline at as high as 40%, highlighting the need for a safe and even bouncing surface. Only some trampoline mishaps can be avoided, but they may be mitigated by placing them on a flat surface. Uneven trampolines increase the risk of injury. … Read more